In This Together Cambria-Somerset is a group of concerned citizens advocating to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Cambria and Somerset Counties.

Our group was formed by Cambria County residents who share serious concerns about the surge of COVID-19 cases impacting our neighbors, family, friends, and fellow community members.

Through discussions about our personal experiences with the pandemic, we were reminded that even in the midst of our individual struggles, in the moments when we feel most alone, our experiences are more alike than different.

We agreed that sharing our stories helped us feel connected to each other and more committed to taking action to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on every level. We shared a mutual frustration at the lack of communication from our local public officials about the steps they are taking to slow the spread of the virus. We decided it was time to call on the resilient spirit of our county.

We believe that together, we can unite to flatten this curve by acting with compassion toward our neighbors and calling on the leadership of our local officials to guide us through to the end of the pandemic.

In This Together Cambria-Somerset consists of two major elements:


Our Advocacy team champions strong local and regional leadership and evidence-based, community-led solutions to reduce the substantial community spread of COVID-19 in Cambria County.

We plan to connect local leaders, medical workers, infectious disease specialists, and community members in a variety of ways in order to create a dialogue around mitigation efforts, vaccinations, and the short- and long-term social and economic impacts of the pandemic.


Our Storytelling team collects and shares COVID impact stories from residents of Cambria County to encourage mitigation efforts, to promote public health, and to create space for empathy, action, and healing.

We hope that these stories will serve as both mirrors in which we see ourselves and our own experiences reflected and acknowledged, and windows into the COVID’s impact on others that may be vastly different from our own experiences.

We are seeking story submissions!

If you are a Cambria or Somerset County resident and your life has been impacted by COVID-19, we want to share your story.