If you represent an organization or business in Cambria or Somerset counties and would like to distribute our COVID-19 educational brochures, please fill out this form to request free copies (up to 250 of each brochure at a time). You can review the brochures and access printable PDF copies at the bottom of this page.

Please let us know if you have recommendations of topics for future brochures! We want to get the most accurate and relevant information out to our communities, and we will be updating these documents and creating new ones as interest and needs arise.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you're ordering both brochures, we will send you *each brochure* in the amount requested above. If you would like to request each in different amounts, please note this in the comment section. We are starting with maximum orders of 250 per brochure, but will increase the maximum order amount in the future as needed.
If you choose to pick up your brochures, we will be in contact with you via phone when they are ready.

Printable Brochures

Below you will find images of the brochures available, along with a link to download printable PDFs.

PLEASE NOTE: When you print the brochures, use the following settings:

  • Google Chrome: Under More Settings → Scale, select “Fit to printable area.” Next to Two-Sided, check the box net to “Print on both sides” and select “Flip on short edge.”
  • Adobe PDF Reader: Under Page Sizing and Handling, select “Shrink oversize pages,” check the box net to “Print on both sides,” and select “Flip on short edge.”

What You Need to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccine Brochure

The Science Behind COVID-19 Vaccines Brochure

COMING SOON: COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids and Teens