Olivia’s #WhyIWearAMask

This past year has been extremely hard for many people. Everyone I know has missed out on something, a special vacation, prom, Kindergarten Graduation, their last sports season. Everyone lost something that we can’t get back. 

As I watched schools open up this past fall, my heart broke. You see, my kiddo missed out on the end of school last spring like everyone else, but unlike most other kids, he couldn’t go back in August. My son is immune compromised and often lands in the hospital with the flu which then becomes pneumonia. I don’t want to allow myself to think about what would happen if he got COVID. 

On the first day of school, in a new home and a new school district, he ran excitedly through the house. We’d explained to him many times that he would have to do school at home until the virus went away but he was still crushed when he realized that he wouldn’t be going to his new school and making new friends.

He cried, I cried, and then we went upstairs to his makeshift classroom and got to work. 

I’m so sad for the many students who have missed being in school since November. I know this is hard for so many. My child hasn’t been in school since March. In fact, he hasn’t been to many places since March except doctor appointments. 

I know school is important and that it serves many more purposes than education alone. I don’t want any child to be stuck at home when they could be in the classroom. I just wish my kiddo could be there too. 

He wears his mask because he misses school. I wear my mask for him.

-Olivia H., Richland