Printable Brochures

Below you will find images of the brochures available, along with a link to download printable PDFs. To order printed copies of the print resources listed on this page for your business or organization, fill out our brochure order form.

PLEASE NOTE: When you print the brochures, use the following settings:

  • Google Chrome: Under More Settings → Scale, select “Fit to printable area.” Next to Two-Sided, check the box net to “Print on both sides” and select “Flip on short edge.”
  • Adobe PDF Reader: Under Page Sizing and Handling, select “Shrink oversize pages,” check the box net to “Print on both sides,” and select “Flip on short edge.”

What You Need to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccine Brochure

The Science Behind COVID-19 Vaccines Brochure