One Year Later: Celebrating Our Resilience to be presented Mar. 30

On Mar. 23, 2020, the first coronavirus case in Cambria County was confirmed. To mark this milestone, In This Together Cambria is presenting One Year Later: Celebrating Our Resilience on Tues., Mar. 30.

“While we can never forget the hardship and losses of last year, In This Together felt it was necessary to acknowledge the community’s strength and celebrate the bright, joyful moments we had in a time of darkness,” said Tulsi Shrivastava of In This Together Cambria.

The program is facilitated by Tulsi Shrivastava, Joyce Homan, and Rachel Allen of In This Together Cambria. It will include a slideshow of photos of life during the pandemic that were solicited from the public. Live music will be provided by Micah and Jayna Mood of the local group Striped Maple Hollow, Matt Otis, Rachel Allen, and Darlene Seals.

“We have witnessed creative responses to challenges. Also, we have recognized the simple pleasure of being out in nature,” said Rachel Allen, one of the organizers. “We have for the most part, learned how to make heartfelt connections through technology as well as significantly upped our tech skills! Many of us have engaged in small circles of mutual support, giving and receiving, strengthening our community.”

The virtual event will be held Tues., Mar. 30 at 7:00 pm over Zoom. Participants can take part at . The presentation will also be livestreamed over In This Together Cambria’s Facebook Page,