COVID-19 Info to Know & Share:
Educational Video Series

This short video series is intended for individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations to learn more about COVID-19, immunity basics, vaccines, and more.

Developed by Jill D. Henning, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, these videos provide evidence-based information about COVID-19 and answer important questions that frequently arise in our local communities.

Immune Basics

Video Length: 8:32

How our immune systems works and how vaccines create immunity from disease.

mRNA Vaccines (Pfizer & Moderna)

Video Length: 7:33

The science behind mRNA vaccines and how they work to protect you from COVID-19.

Viral Vector Vaccines (Johnson & Johnson)

Video Length: 6:02

The science behind viral vector vaccines and how they work to protect you from COVID-19.

Where Did COVID-19 Come From?

Video Length: 4:25

Learn about where COVID-19 came from and how it infected humans.

Why Do We See COVID-19 Symptoms?

Video Length: 4:15

Discover why we see the symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19.

What Are the Risks of COVID-19?

Video Length: 8:03

Find out more about the risks associated with COVID-19, and why they are so dangerous to our health.

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