In This Together Cambria is committed to sharing timely and reliable information about vaccinations and striving for equitable access to vaccines in our communities.

Vaccine Availability

ALL Americans aged 5 and older are eligible to receive vaccines, and ages 15 and up are eligible for boosters. Find up-to-date information about regional vaccine clinics.

Find A Vaccine Provider

Get updated information about vaccine providers in our area, including how to schedule an appointment, what to bring with you to your appointment, and more.

The long-awaited COVID vaccines are finally here, and with them comes deep feelings of relief and hope for the future for many of us. Getting vaccinated is at once a profoundly personal decision and a choice that impacts everyone around us. Nearly a year into the pandemic, this tension between individuals and community is familiar to us all.

It is natural to feel a range of emotions about the COVID vaccines, from apprehension or frustration to excitement and joy. Volunteers for In This Together Cambria have had the same emotional discussions about vaccines that are taking place across the county. We have endeavored to seek out the most reliable information possible to make informed decisions for ourselves and our families, and to share that information with you.

We hope that no matter what you’re feeling right now, curiosity and a desire to understand the facts about the vaccine will help inform your decisions.

Vaccine Q&A with Dr. Jill D. Henning

Immunity Basics | Vaccine Basics | Common Vaccine Questions
Getting the Vaccine | Vaccine Availability Updates

Immunity Basics

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Vaccine basics

Common Vaccine Questions

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Getting the Vaccine

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