Photo and story submissions sought for One Year Later: Celebrating Our Resilience

On March 23, 2020, the first coronavirus case in Cambria County was confirmed. To mark this milestone, In This Together Cambria is asking the public to submit photos and memories of how COVID impacted their lives for a special virtual event to be presented on March 30.

“We’ve lost so many people – but we have also shown our resilience, working together as a community to combat the pandemic,” said Ashlee Kiel of In This Together Cambria.

The group is asking for photo and story submissions that will be presented during a virtual slideshow during the event. A special page on this website has been established for submissions: . Deadline is Mar. 26.

“We’re hoping to create a small archive of experiences during the pandemic,” Kiel said. “We’re asking people to tell us how they managed, what has gotten them through, if there are any essential worker heroes they’d like to acknowledge, that kind of thing.”

The virtual event will be held Tues., Mar. 30 at 7:00 pm over Zoom. Participants can take part at . The presentation will also be livestreamed over In This Together Cambria’s Facebook Page,